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Four Pepperdine students, Jonathan Bakhsheshian, Ryan Cowan, Cyrus Morgan and Jean Cameron, participated in the October 11-12, 2014 Entertainment Law Negotiation Competition at Southwestern University Law School in Los Angeles. Professors Maureen Weston and William Nix helped prepare and coach the team, focusing on negotiation strategies, techniques and entertainment/media industry terminology and practices. The students worked hard in their preparations of representing the role of counsel for an entertainment production company in negotiations with talent and a television network collective bargaining contracts. Thirty two teams, from twenty different law schools across the country, competed this year. Entertainment industry lawyers served as judges and gave helpful and positive feedback to our students, who honed their negotiating and teamwork skills together.

Pepperdine students Cameron Jean and Jason Maves competed at National Sports Law Negotiation Competition at Thomas Jefferson School of Law Forum in San Diego, September 19-21, 2014. Students from thirty-two law schools across the country competed in this competition where students acted in attorney teams representing in negotiations