newsbulletStraus Institute has launched an innovative new Dispute Resolution Project relating to the Entertainment, Media and Sports Industries. All these industries are highly developed, yet continually evolving with constant frictions among various labor, creative, technology and other constituencies. These frictions lead to regular judicial and other confrontations in relation to collective bargaining, intellectual property, commercial and other issues. While law school curricula have historically focused on the substantive law relating to these areas, with a particular emphasis on litigation, ADR has not been a principal focus of any national law school in respect to them. Straus Institute is particularly well-positioned to develop and implement a series of different programs to address this gap in academic and professional education.

Under the leadership of its Managing Director, William Nix, and Faculty Director, Maureen Weston, this new Straus Project will among other things, work to develop domestic and international off-Campus programs for Internships/Externships and on building employment and other networking opportunities with professionals and organizations in these industries.  Further details on this new Project are available on the Straus website at:

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